Meet the Team


Brandy Kinkead, Ph. D.

Brandy is the CEO and a founder of Innvtek Incorporated.  She did her Ph.D. studying mass transport effects for electro-catalysis in polymer electyolyte mebrane fuel cell technologies.  Brandy founded Innvtek in June of 2019 at the University of Calgary and is actively pursuing industrial applications of her work in the areas of nano-physics, electro-catalysis and materials science.


Bri Sebastian, Ph. D., P. Chem.

Bri is the CTO of Innvtek Incorporated.  She did her Ph. D. studying new materials for electrochemical sensor technologies and electrochemical corrosion.  After 3 years in industry, Bri joins Innvtek with an enthusiasm and passion for the technology.


Byron Gates, Ph. D.

Byron is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry and head of the Centre for Soft Materials in 4D Labs at Simon Fraser University.  In addition, Dr. Gates is a Scientific Advisor for both NanoOne and Innvtek Inc.


Michael McCullough

Michael is a graduate of the Visual Communications program at Alberta College of Art and Design.  He is a Branding Advisor for Innvtek Inc. and currently works with RS Energy on their graphics team.